Point of Sale or POS for retail promotions is the single most important marketing tool on the high street today. Walk into any retail environment; a shop, bank, fast food restaurant, and you’ll be hit with a myriad of messages grabbing your attention and encouraging you to buy, buy, buy!

Our specialist retail experience, delivering large format graphics on a national scale, means that you can completely rely on our expertise for retail and point of sale graphics; assured that we can provide high quality print, volume, and all logistical requirements. We help you develop your design concepts and produce dynamic POS and retail graphics promotions by following a simple philosophy of partnership.

Litho & Digital Print

Perfectionism and dedication are the buzz-words in this department, whether it's a fine art catalogue or a two page retail flyer, no piece of print leaves the premises without meeting our exacting standards. Colour balance, saturation, tones, resolution, ink coverage, densities, understanding of the relationship between ink and different substrates – we achieve consistent award-winning results by steadfastly refusing to compromise on any of these areas. Our clients have come to trust us for their guidance and advice. That's why we have such a loyal, long-standing customer base of clients who understand that quality and economy go hand-in-hand; getting the job right, first time and by the most efficient method is a pre-requisite for every job.

We are a Print & Signage Procurement company.Many people are tasked with buying printed items such as leaflets, brochures, direct mail, stationery, POS or signage.

A lot of buyers come from other backgrounds. They don’t have experience in procurement of print or signage purchasing.

It’s can be a very steep learning curve trying to make sure that people are aware of all the things that they need to think about before going out and giving a printer a job. And, of course, if staff don’t have all the right experience it can cost your company a lot of money.

Buying print is a complicated exercise, if your print is wrong it can kill your marketing results.

Sometimes print buyers need help. And that’s where Orange21 comes in, we guide & help you through the full process making sure that your company is able to buy the right type of print or signage item effectively and efficiently.

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